Thompson Technique Chiropractic in Belton MO


Thompson Technique was created by Dr. Clay Thompson in an effort to make the adjustment more comfortable. It utilizes a specific table and leg length analysis while the patient gently rotates their head from side to side. The analysis tells our Belton MO chiropractor what is going on with the spinal biomechanics so they then know exactly where to adjust.

Gentle “Drop” Adjustments In Belton MO

The comfortable part about this technique is the utilization of a drop table to make the adjustment more comfortable. This is good if you have acute pain, but it also makes adjustments safe for patients with osteoporosis.

This technique often will not produce the “popping” noise heard in other techniques; however, the “popping” noise is not necessary for an adjustment to be effective. This is a common misconception.

State Of The Art Digital X-Ray

X-rays will sometimes be needed, but we utilize an up to date digital x-ray machine in our practice. At our Belton MO location, we have a digital x-ray machine on site for added convenience to you.

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