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Our Belton MO chiropractor offers the following services:

Belton MO Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic treatment tailored to your comfort: we offer gentle, moderate, and aggressive force options because no two spines are the same. At Hampton Chiropractic, we offer several techniques so that you get the specific adjustment that is most comfortable to you. While we know the many health benefits of long term chiropractic care, know that you will receive only the care that you need, want and can afford.. (read more).


We offer a state of the art spinal decompression table sponsored by KDT. During treatment, you lie comfortably on your back while traction cables are hooked up to your low back or neck. The machine, connected to the table, utilizes computerized protocols that create traction force on your back/neck. This creates a sensation of your back being ‘pulled apart’; however, the force gently stretches your back out. Most of our patients thoroughly enjoy the relief during and after treatment and often times fall asleep during treatment (read more).


We have a team of massage therapists with many years of experience and specialized training. Our team can customize a massage based on your preferences. In addition, Dr. Hampton can perform a 12-point functional assessment to determine which muscles are needing more attention. With that said, many people are not aware of massages many health benefits outside of relaxing those stubborn muscles. The obvious would be the stress relief and its indirect benefits (read more).


At Hampton Chiropractic, we offer a Class-IV Laser for an additional therapy treatment. Using heat, this therapy works on its own or with a chiropractic adjustment to make you feel better faster. (read more).


Don’t put it off any longer, this Belton-Raymore chiropractor has got you covered. The doctor will check vitals as well as heart and lung function, so that your son/daughter gets back on the field safely. Click here for MSHSAA forms or click here for more information. In addition, Dr Hampton is a Certified Medical Examiner. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for your DOT physical.

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