Back pain can be quite frustrating. It can be something that comes on slowly over time or it can be abrupt, intense, and out of the blue. Regardless, many of our patients tell us after starting treatment: “I wish I would have come here sooner”.

Our Treatment Options:


Dr. Hampton offers gentle force, moderate force and aggressive force treatment options for low back pain. Whether the cause of your pain is from a disc herniation, sprain/strain, chronic stenosis, joint restriction or muscle spasm, we can match it with the appropriate treatment option. With that said, chiropractic is a highly effective and scientifically proven form of treatment for low back pain; Its results have been supported by clinical trials and published in peer-reviewed medical journals…(for more information click here)

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Softwave is an amazing tissue regenerative technology that can reduce pain and improve range of motion immediately; if you are a candidate, we are talking within seconds after your first treatment, you will notice immediate improvement in your low back pain. We have seen our patients go from severe “I can hardly stand up pain” to no pain even after the first treatment. The FDA has approved it for its safety, effectiveness, and ability to regenerate tissue. In terms of low back pain, it can be helpful for degeneration, degenerative disc disease, sprains/strains, disc injuries/herniations, sciatica and essentially any condition where regeneration is helpful. The treatment protocol is short term with long term and lasting benefits.. (for more information click here).

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Massage therapy can be helpful in releasing tension in specific muscles that can be contributing to your pain. We have licensed massage therapists trained in trigger point and deep tissue massage who can help you with those stubborn muscles. In addition, Dr. Hampton can perform a 12-point evaluation to determine which muscles the massage therapists should target…(for more information click here)

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We offer a state of the art spinal decompression table sponsored by KDT. During treatment, you lie comfortably on your back while traction cables are hooked up to your back. The machine, connected to the table, utilizes computerized protocols that create traction force on your back. This creates a sensation of your back being ‘pulled apart’; however, the force gently stretches your back out. Most of our patients relax and fall asleep during treatment…(for more information click here)

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Class IV laser therapy is an effective treatment option; the directed heat from the laser penetrates deeper tissues that are injured and can help your back heal faster. Also, the deep and targeted heat can help relax stubborn muscles as well as reduce inflammation in joints in the back…(for more information click here)

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Common Symptoms of Back Pain:

  • Pain in the center of the lower back
  • Right or left side pain of the low back
  • Pain in the pelvis area/tailbone
  • Muscle spasms around the area
  • Pain in the hip and/or thigh
  • Sciatica/pain traveling down the leg

Common Causes:

  • Lifting objects
  • Sitting for long periods of time
  • Driving for long periods of time
  • Walking for long periods of time