Let me tell you a little about Hampton Chiropractic. They’re not your average place. They get back to me by email pretty quickly for a appointment or when I call in they try their hardest to always get me in. They’re all so nice in there. You don’t ever see that at chiropractors. Also, Trevor is the funniest person alive! He likes to get to know you, instead of just adjusting then leaving. He always asks the right questions too, and is the best adjuster I have had. I’ve gone to probably over 30 chiropractors, and he adjusts the best!!! Their prices are affordable too! Oh, if you’re in a hurry you’ll be out in about 10 minutes at the latest. I really appreciate their whole staff on always working with me, and their communication. I plan on being with them until one of us moves. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in south Jackson county or even Cass county, this is the place to go!