Walked out feeling 10X’s better than I’ve felt in a long time. Without a doubt if ever needed, I’m definitely going back. Thank you Hampton Chiropractic.

– Landon M

Let me tell you a little about Hampton Chiropractic. They’re not your average place. They get back to me by email pretty quickly for a appointment or when I call in they try their hardest to always get me in. They’re all so nice in there. You don’t ever see that at chiropractors. Also, Trevor is the funniest person alive! He likes to get to know you, instead of just adjusting then leaving. He always asks the right questions too, and is the best adjuster I have had. I’ve gone to probably over 30 chiropractors, and he adjusts the best!!! Their prices are affordable too! Oh, if you’re in a hurry you’ll be out in about 10 minutes at the latest. I really appreciate their whole staff on always working with me, and their communication. I plan on being with them until one of us moves. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in south Jackson county or even Cass county, this is the place to go!

– Kristina C

The BEST!! I have been to a wide range of chiropractic offices in my life and the search is over! Dr. Hampton is fantastic and I cannot speak highly enough about his services. I recommend him to everyone. He is incredibly thorough, skills are outstanding and kind as well! I will never go to another chiropractor, others just don’t compare.

– Erin F

I originally went in for a shoulder injury, but found that chiropractic care also helps my migraines. Whether you have an acute or ongoing issue, I love the low pressure environment- they will never push you to do something you’re not comfortable with or to come for unnecessary visits. But I bet you will find yourself coming back on your own like I did, because they do great work!

– Melissa B

Super great with my 3 month old. She’s very colicky and we have seen massive improvements every visit! Highly recommend!

– Megan G

Best chiropractor I’ve used in 20 years of adjustments. Super friendly staff and a range of services. In house message therapist as well. Highly recommended!

– Ken R

I can’t recommend Hampton Chiropractice enough. I’ve tried just about every Chiropractor in Raymore and Belton and they are simply the best. The Dr is knowledgeable and personable. He’s honest with his assessments and lets you make unpressed decisions about your current and future care. He offers all of the services that the body needs to feel better. Payment is affordable, simple and fast. Go there and let him fix you up.

– Greg H

Staff is friendly and Doctor very knowledgeable. This has been Chiropractic home for many years. I highly recommend him! 10 Stars!!! Excellent! I’m grateful for all the pain relief I have got from my visits from several different things (some outside the box) He is more than great!
My son and I were in a car accident and he was a huge part of both of our recovery. I’m feel blessed to be in his care. Thank you Hampton Chiropractic!!

– Megan L

Dr. Hampton’s approach to chiropractic helped relieve my chronic lower back, neck and shoulders pain. Not only does he do adjustments, but he also has shown me stretches and exercises to strengthen my weak points. I like that he uses a massage device before each adjustment and that he allows me to sit in a massage chair after each adjustment. He offers shock wave therapy treatments. He has performed one of these on my shoulder and one on my lower back and it seems to be helping my pain. He and his staff are very personable. I appreciate his low pressure salesmanship – you don’t find that everywhere. I highly recommend his clinic!

– Scott B

Amazing. After I leave it feels like my spine is “floating” and I am pain free. I’m following the suggested healing / maintenance plan and I am finally able to exercise again with no pain. The atmosphere is very calming, quiet and clean….The front desk staff are very polite, helpful and always willing to answer questions.

– Katye W

Dr. Hampton first and foremost Thank You so much for all you have done for me. Now, Dr. Hampton is an amazing chiropractor. I have stage 4 Pancreas cancer when i went into his office the first time to get adjusted. I put on my paper work that i had cancer, he asked if i lost my appetite i said yes. This is what just one treatment did. He made me feel so good. I didnt take any pain pills. I haven’t felt that good in 2 years. My cancer Doctors couldn’t believe i was the same patient that was in there 2 weeks prior in all kinds of pain. I will continue to see Dr. Hampton. I recommend him in the highest regard.

– Jason B

Dr Hampton took a lot of time listening to my symptoms and came up with an affordable treatment plan, giving me multiple options. I felt very much like a participant in the plan rather than just a patient following orders.

– Laura S

After a car wreck earlier this year and surgery to repair my shoulder. My lower back and hip were out of place. Highly recommend Dr. Hampton to anyone that needs adjusted. He takes the time to do xrays and help you get to feeling better. Plus the massage chair and table are amazing to help you relax after an adjustment. He has also seen my family and helped them as well.

– Renee D

Trevor is amazing! The office staff is super friendly and take great care of you! I went to see him after not seeing a chiropractor in many years. After 2 visits, I already feel SO much better! I’m referring friends and family. There is no need to be in pain when you can go see this team and feel so much better!

-Dianna B

Since receiving regular treatment from Hampton Chiropractic, for over two years, my over all health has improved tremendously. I can now drive a car with no lower back pain and I am just over 1” taller! I was taller 6 months into regular treatments! I also have monthly massages that has taken my health to yet another level. My hip flexors are doing great and this helps me to stand straighter strengthening my core. I am so very blessed to have found a doctor that cares tremendously about his patiences, answers all the questions I have, and has a sense of humor too. The staff is also tremendously helpful, efficient, kind , and generous. You can’t go wrong with Hampton Chiropractor in Belton, Missouri.

– Patrice W

Great experience here! Injured my back at work called the same day got in that afternoon, the doctor was extremely informative and down to earth. Understood what I was talking about and Very informative on everything he was doing to me, and everything he thought that might help. Never really been to a chiropractor before, but he’s got my business for life.

– Ryan S

Been going Hampton Chiropractic for over a year now. Had some back and neck issues that my old chiropractor never could fix. Started going to Hampton Chiropractic and within the first adjustment I could tell a huge improvement and now almost no problems. I get adjusted now about once a month to keep the back/neck issues gone! I am always recommending my family and friends to go here! The massage chair at the end is an added bonus!

– Taylor M

I cannot say enough good things about Hampton Chiropractic!! Dr. Hampton is so thorough and he listens so well to his clients!! He has helped my back and neck pain amazingly but better yet, he has helped my son who has had headaches continually for the past 4 years become pain free!!! What an enormous blessing!!! My younger son had been in a car accident and had back and neck pain as well and Dr. Hampton was able to relieve his pain as well. The entire staff are so friendly and down to earth and the price is wonderful! I recommend them to anyone i hear complaining of back, neck or headache pain! Love love love Hampton chiropractic!

– Jen D