HEALTH IS ONLY AN ADJUSTMENT AWAYGrandview chiropractor, chiropractor in Grandview

True health is the body functioning and healing at its optimum potential and not just the absence of pain or disease. In regards to pain, it is a symptom of something that could have been going on for as long as months or even years. Unfortunately, many people often wait until they start experiencing pain (and sometimes even severe pain) before visiting a chiropractor. Fortunately, however, it is never too late, nor too early, to start getting adjusted. Child, adult, or grandparent, an adjusted spine is a better quality life!


This all becomes very logical when we think about it. What controls all the functioning and healing inside our body? It’s our brain and spinal cord, also known as our central nervous system. Our brain controls every single thing inside our body. It sends messages down the spinal cord and out every single nerve branch to tissues such as our heart, our lungs, our stomach, our intestines, our muscles, and on and on. For our lungs to breath in air right at this moment, for our stomach to be able to properly digest food, for our bodies to be able to properly fight disease, this nervous system must be able to function without any nerve interference.


With that said, health is having your spine in optimum alignment so that your brain can communicate with the rest of your body as effectively as possible without any interference. Dr. Hampton analyzes the spine every day and uses a specific, gentle chiropractic adjustment to not only restore proper structure to the spine, but also proper function to the nervous system. Regular chiropractic care is so important to your health!

  • Improved Posture & Relief of Back Pain
  • Fewer Headaches
  • Less Stress & Less Anxiety
  • Greater Energy & Better Sleep
  • Better Coordination & Flexibility
  • Improved Immune System & Fewer Colds

If you would like to know more about the techniques used at Hampton Chiropractic, please feel free to click on any of the techniques listed below.

Dr. Hampton uses the following techniques:

Grandview chiropractor, chiropractor in Grandview
Chiropractic adjustments are gentle and restore motion to restricted joints.