Types of headaches can vary as much as the people who get them. Some people have experienced headaches since they were a kid and for unknown reasons. Others can attribute their headaches to their neck pain and poor posture at work. Whatever the cause, headaches can ruin the quality of your life.

Types of Headaches

Headaches come in several shapes and sizes. Here are some of the common types of headaches we have success in treating:

Migraines tend to be more severe in nature; they can cause debilitating pain and often times lasting for 72 hours.

Migraine Symptoms
Migraine sufferers complain of:
-Severe, throbbing headaches, sometimes concentrated on one side of the head or eye.
-Sensitivity to light
-Nausea and vomiting
-Visual Aura

Migraine Causes
Types of migraines can be diverse and include the following:
-hormonal changes in women
-Certain foods or food additives
-Physical factors/stress


These types of headaches are often linked to poor neck posture whether sleeping or working on a computer.

Cervicogenic and Tension Headache symptoms
-Pain at the base of the skull/upper neck the is spreading to one side of the head
-Pain most often, but not exclusively, in the back of the head and over to the forehead.

Cervicogenic and Tension Headaches Causes
-Long hours working at a desk
-Driving for long distances and tensing up
-Working in awkward/bent over positions
-Generally poor upper body posture

How We Help Headaches

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and effective and can reduce the intensity and frequency of your headaches. Adjustments and massage can also help prevent migraines by relaxing muscles and easing tension at the base of the skull.  We also prescribe at-home exercises that will help improve posture and prevent the return of these headaches.

How Quickly Do Headaches Respond to Treatment?

This is a complicated question as the response is completely unique to you. We’ve seen cases where patients get almost immediate relief of their headache right in our office. We’ve also seen cases where over a period of time headaches reduced in frequency/intensity. It honestly depends on a number of things such as the type of headache, the frequency of the headaches, cause, daily activities, posture, etc.

Following a course of treatment, most patients will see a reduction in frequency and intensity of headaches; for this reason, we recommend you schedule a free consultation with Dr. Hampton and if he can help you, he’ll let you know; if not, he’ll refer you to the person who can. You deserve to get your life back; a life without pain and annoying headaches. If you’re frustrated and in pain, give our office a call today.