Are you looking for shoulder pain treatment? You are not alone! Many people suffer from shoulder pain; after all, we use are arms/shoulder every day. Frequently, the root cause stems from posture and issues elsewhere in the neck and back.

Our Shoulder Pain Treatment Options:


Whether your shoulder pain is from a torn rotator cuff, labrum injury, or arthritis, Sotwave has you covered. The FDA approves Softwave for its tissue regenerative technology. This amazing technology gets results in minutes/seconds. For example, most of our patients will notice improved pain and/or improved shoulder range of motion within seconds after their first treatment. This initial response is emotional for them as they have often dealt with shoulder pain for a long time….(for more information click here)

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Dr. Hampton offers a variety of adjustment techniques for shoulder pain. Ultimately, the cause of your shoulder pain will determine the recommended treatment for the pain. With that said, chiropractic is a highly effective and scientifically proven form of treatment for shoulder pain; Its results have been supported by clinical trials and published in peer-reviewed medical journals…(for more information click here)

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Massage therapy can be helpful in releasing tension in specific muscles that can be contributing to your shoulder pain. We have licensed massage therapists trained in trigger point and deep tissue massage who can help you with those stubborn muscles. In addition, Dr. Hampton can perform an evaluation, and check shoulder range of motion to determine which muscles for the therapists to target…(for more information click here)

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Class IV laser therapy is an effective treatment option; the directed heat from the laser penetrates deeper tissues that are injured and can help your body heal faster; this includes the rotator cuff muscles and any muscles connected to the shoulder. Also, the deep and targeted heat can help relax those stubborn shoulder muscles as well as reduce inflammation in the shoulder joint…(for more information click here)

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Symptoms of shoulder pain:

  • Pain in the shoulder blade
  • Pain in the shoulder joint itself
  • Weakness in the arm/shoulder
  • Tightness/stiffness in the shoulder/rotator cuff muscles
  • Pain with movement of the shoulder

Common causes of shoulder problems:

The root cause of shoulder pain often stems from lack of motion in the upper back/neck as a result of poor posture. This results in the shoulder having to overwork which over time causes the shoulder to wear out and become painful.

These postural issues are often caused by:

  • Working long hours at a desk job
  • Driving for long periods of time
  • Jobs that require a lot of repetitive lifting with shoulder/upper body
  • Carrying heavy items on one shoulder