Before and After Neuropathy Treatment


  1. Low Level Light Therapy 

    This safe, effective, and FDA approved near-infrared device stimulates angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels. Why is this important for neuropathy? Our nerves are dependent upon proper blood flow to survive; this proper blood flow is what nourishes the nerves. When the nerve does not get the nourishment it needs, it starves, it breaks down, it dies. Low Level Light Therapy is supported by peer reviewed research to improve nerve health by directly improving the blood supply to the nerves and surrounding tissues. And, good news, this treatment can be done from the comfort of your home!

  2. Nerve Re-Education with Electrotherapy

    As the accumulation of damage to our nerves occurs, the nerves eventually forget how to work properly. For this reason, our office utilizes technology, supported by Cancer Treatment Centers of America, which helps rehabilitate the nerves so that they re-learn how to work properly. Amazingly, this treatment can be done, utilizing this technology, from the comfort of your home. With that said, one of the things that makes our neuropathy program unique is that 80% of the program is done from your home.

  3. Neuropathy Nutrition

    The typical American diet, which is high in sugars and starches, sabotages nitric oxide production. The high sugar diet is also highly inflammatory. The nutrition and supplementation we recommend help the body produce more nitric oxide naturally. This is important because elevating nitric oxide levels results in vasodilation and increased blood flow. This is what the body needs to do what it does best: heal itself.

    The Hampton Chiropractic nutritional protocol is easy, fun and simple. We simplify the diet/supplementation and give you weekly grocery lists and recipes so that you know you are eating the best diet possible for neuropathy.

  4. In-Office Protocol

    While over 80% of our neuropathy program is done from the comfort of your home, we also have an in  office protocol which utilizes premium technology as well.

    We utilize tissue regeneration technology from a company called Softwave. We use this technology to stimulate angiogenesis, improve blood flow and speed nerve healing. We also utilize massage therapy by licensed massage therapists certified in Medical Massage. These therapists utilize techniques that help improve blood flow to the areas damaged by neuropathy. In some causes of neuropathy, we use spinal decompression with the help of a state of the art decompression table known as Back On Track. This table gently decompresses your low back or neck to relieve pressure on your discs/nerves which could be causing your neuropathy. 


Whatever neuropathy has taken from your life, you can get it back. Our four-pronged approach has helped thousands of patients get their life back.  We achieve great results because we listen to our patients, we do a proper exam, and we determine the right candidates for our program. This attention to detail is what results in a 95% success rate in patients we accept into care. With that said, we offer a Free Consultation to anyone interested in finding out if they are a candidate for our program. Call our office today 816-535-5101!