Are you looking for neck pain relief? You are not alone; millions of people suffer from neck pain at some point in their lives. With the weight of your head being equivalent to that of a bowling bowl, the neck has to do a lot of heavy lifting; not to mention, most of us have poor posture and poor ergonomics while at work and while at home on our phones. It is safe to say, our necks are doing a lot of heavy lifting all day and everyday.

Our Treatment Options for Neck Pain Relief:


Dr. Hampton offers gentle force, moderate force and aggressive force treatment options for neck pain. Ultimately, it’s your choice in how you want care to go; he goes over the different options in which he can adjust your neck so that you are comfortable before starting treatment. Some patients opt not to use chiropractic care for their neck pain and go with our other treatment options. With that said, chiropractic is a highly effective and scientifically proven form of treatment for neck pain; Its results have been supported by clinical trials and published in peer-reviewed medical journals…(for more information click here)

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Massage therapy can be helpful in releasing tension in specific muscles that can be contributing to your neck pain. We have licensed massage therapists trained in trigger point and deep tissue massage who can help you with those stubborn muscles. In addition, Dr. Hampton can perform a 12-point evaluation to determine which muscles the massage therapists should target…(for more information click here)

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Softwave therapy is FDA approved for its safety, effectiveness and tissue regenerative technology. The treatment actively recruits your body’s dormant stem cells resulting in long term healing. Pain relief is noticed as soon as the first visit as reduced inflammation is a positive side effect of the treatment…. (For more information click here).

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We offer a state of the art spinal decompression table by KDT. During treatment, you lie comfortably on your back while traction cables are hooked up to your neck. The machine, connected to the table, utilizes computerized protocols that create traction force on your neck. This creates a sensation of your neck being ‘pulled apart’; however, the force gently stretches your neck out. Most of our patients relax and fall asleep during treatment…(for more information click here)

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Class IV laser therapy is an effective treatment for low back pain; the directed heat from the laser penetrates deeper tissues that are injured and can help your body heal faster. Also, the deep and targeted heat can help relax stubborn muscles as well as reduce inflammation in joints in the neck…(for more information click here)

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Common symptoms:

  • Pain on one or both sides of neck
  • Inability to turn neck to one side due to pain
  • Reduced movement in the neck
  • Pain/tension at the base of the skull
  • Pain/Pins/Needles down arm when turning head

Common causes:

Chronic neck pain is often related to poor posture or prior trauma (auto accident); acute neck pain can be from sleeping wrong, to lifting a box the wrong way. Here are some common causes:

  • Poor posture while working on the computer for long hours
  • A lot of time spent driving and tensing up on the roads
  • Jobs that put a lot repetitive stress on your neck; awkward working positions.
  • Poor posture while sleeping; sleeping on your neck wrong
  • Whiplash from a car crash (even from several years ago)
  • Lifting heavy boxes (cleaning out the basement or garage)
  • Yard work: mowing, weed eating, raking the leaves.