DIY Instant Headache Relief

DIY Instant Headache Relief One of the most common things we see on x-ray in our practice is loss of neck curve aka loss of cervical curve. If you are suffering from chronic neck pain, it could mean that you are suffering from this loss of correct curve. It could also be due to restrictions […]

DIY Stretch of the Week: Bruegger’s Stretch

Bruegger’s stretch is one of my favorite stretches/exercises. No matter what your age or how poor your posture, you can do this one at work or at home on the couch while eating ice cream.  It can make a big difference in not only maintaining correct posture but also improving your current posture. Correct posture […]

DIY Stretch of the Week: Wall Angels

With the amount of time most of us spend looking down at our phones and working on the computer all day (and night), just about all of us have some poor posture. We all probably should have listened to our mothers growing up and made sure we stood up tall and didn’t slouch. All kidding […]